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No Time to Set Up Your Fixed Asset Barcode System? This Is the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For.


Looking to speed up your fixed asset tracking process and increase accuracy? One of the best ways to accomplish both goals at once is to integrate Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking with an asset barcode scanning system… but let’s be realistic. How much time do you really have to set up barcoding software and order a bunch of barcodes?

To help you save time, Paragon International is now offering a turnkey barcoding solution.

What Is a Turnkey Barcoding Solution for Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking?

You already have a business to manage. You should not have to handle complex IT troubleshooting. That is why Paragon takes care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Paragon’s turnkey barcoding system offers:

  • Your custom configured, cutting-edge scanner that is 100% integrated with your Sage Fixed Assets solution and ready to start using right out of the box.
  • Pre-printed, durable barcode labels, available in polyester or aluminum and printed with a range of logo and color options.

Simply apply the labels and start scanning, and you can be done setting up your asset barcode tracking system in no time.

Introducing the PA768 Scanner – Fast, Durable, Lightweight

The PA768 scanner, provided by Paragon International, works instantly with your Sage Fixed Assets Android Application right out of the box. Simply power it up, log in, and start scanning. (It really is that easy.)

Highlights of the PA768 scanner:

  • Lightning-fast. Leverages the highest mobile performance and speed everywhere with full connectivity to GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G LTE, and 5G.
  • Withstands multiple drops to concrete and high temperatures, and it is tightly sealed to be dustproof, waterproof, and easy to disinfect. (Rated IP65 and IP67)
  • The lightest PDA in its class, the PA768 weighs in at only 9.5 ounces and its convenient size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket.

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Complete Your Setup with Pre-Printed & Durable Asset Barcode Labels

Say goodbye to paper barcode labels that fade, tear, and fall off. Instead, choose durable labels that stay where you stick them and maintain easy readability for years.

Paragon offers 2 types of field-tested labels:

  • Polyester labels are ideal for office or non-volatile environments and come with a clear laminate protective covering to keep your barcodes readable for years. They also have a permanent adhesive backing that bonds tightly to smooth surfaces. Available in black & white or 2-color varieties.
  • Aluminum labels have what it takes to withstand the rigors of manufacturing, restaurant, and laboratory environments because they hold up well against dirt, grime, and oils. The barcode and text in these labels are actually anodized into the surface of the aluminum. This is done to resist scratching and damage from repeated cleaning. Their permanent adhesive backing bonds tightly to smooth and irregular surfaces.

Don’t Wait. Get Started with Turnkey Barcoding Now.

Manual fixed asset tracking takes considerable time, and each entry increases your risk of inaccuracy. You do not have time to deal with these headaches – and you shouldn’t have to.

Save time, reduce effort, and eliminate the tiresome IT setup process typically required for barcoding. Talk to Paragon International today and find out how affordable it is for you to get started with your turnkey fixed asset barcode system now.

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Serving clients since 1985, Paragon International, Inc. provides independent, impartial and accurate cost segregation analyses, and property valuations and appraisals to assist in and support decisions related to taxes, risk management, investment, financing and corporate planning. Our consultants have extensive fixed asset experience – they’re fixed asset experts. Because of that we are able to offer a unique combination of irreplaceable human resources and advanced technology. We have specialists experienced in valuing closely held securities, patents and other intangible assets, business enterprises, buildings, equipment and real estate. In addition, Paragon provides complete inventory and asset management services and solutions, including software customization and training, barcode labels and scanners, and tailored inventory services such as data conversion and integration, asset inventories, asset policies, cost reconciliation, and appraisal services. Contact Paragon International to discover how we can help you.

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