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Paragon Partner Program

Everyone Wins When You Partner with Paragon

No one knows fixed assets like the team at Paragon. Since the late 1980’s, our team has helped clients with over 50 million fixed assets and saved them billions in taxes. We have extensive experience developing property accounting implementation plans and corporate procedures.

We know our wheelhouse – and so do you.

That’s why we focus on providing customers with our deep knowledge and experience of fixed asset management solutions while partnering with other line-of-business solution experts. It’s a winning combination that brings the most value to our mutual customers.

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How Paragon Brings Value to Your Clients:


Tracking their fixed assets correctly


Simplifying physical inventory procedures with bar code labels and handheld or tablet scanners


Streamlining insurance and market value appraisals


Improving cash flow and ROI/ROA


Enjoying lower property taxes and reducing income taxes


Cost Segregation

Why Your Clients Will Love Paragon

Paragon Partner Program Services

Fixed Asset Expertise that Decreases Client Costs and Increases Client Cash Flow

When you partner with Paragon, our team of experts can provide the following services that help your clients accelerate depreciation, reduce taxes, decrease insurance costs, and increase cash flow:

We Help Your Clients Track Fixed Assets

We Help Your Clients Track Fixed Assets

We offer the tools your clients need to better track the assets they own, rent, or lease. From office equipment to vehicles to furniture to buildings, we can help them record every item.

We simplify their fixed asset management with our end-to-end, turnkey solutions and services – from implementation, data conversion, integration and training, to cloud-hosting, physical inventories, hand-held barcode scanners and asset tags, and consulting services.

Big or Small – We Meet the Fixed Asset Needs of Your Clients

Big or Small – We Meet the Needs of Your Clients

Paragon has been providing accounting and tax professionals with fixed asset management and tax saving solutions since 1985.  Our solutions and services are provided with professional integrity and quality, complemented by unmatched responsiveness, flexibility and personal attention. Your clients will receive a level of service that’s tailored to meet their specific needs – never a “one-size-fits-all” — resulting in greater value and return on investment.

Hidden Gems for the Taking

We Find Hidden Gems

When your clients invest in a fixed asset management solution with Paragon, we are confident they will find tax savings by uncovering out of service assets. It’s not unusual for clients to identify an average of 20% to 40% of their fixed assets were previously retried, sold, discarded, or are no longer in use.

Identifying these assets and removing them from your records can result in immediate tax write-offs, reduced income taxes, lower insurance premiums, and property tax savings.

How Paragon Brings Value to Our Partnership

When you partner with Paragon, it provides a number of benefits to your business including:

Expanding Your Offerings

Provide greater value to your clients by offering more services they need to keep their business running smoothly. Paragon is like an extension of your team.

Building Confidence and Success

Paragon is committed to the success of our mutual clients and we have your back. We’re here to help you with the knowledge, tools, and solutions that clients need.

Leveraging Experience

With our extensive experience, we have helped clients save billions of dollars in taxes. We have the expertise to augment your team and the experience that your clients need.

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How It Works: The 3 Paths

As a valued partner in the Paragon network, you’re set to enjoy not only rewards but also a rich variety of avenues for collaboration. With Paragon, you can fully immerse yourself in the entire sales and implementation process, reinforcing your position as the primary point of contact and solution provider for your customer.

If you encounter a solution that is outside your area of expertise, worry not. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, serving not just as your mentor, but also as a coach for you and your team. We aim to empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate uncharted territories confidently.

Alternatively, if you prefer a less involved route, Paragon offers a straightforward referral program. You stand to earn a referral fee for any opportunities you channel our way that result in a successful deal. Whichever path you choose, at Paragon, we are committed to nurturing a symbiotic partnership, where growth, rewards, and success are shared.

Want to Learn How Partnering with Paragon Can Benefit You and Your Clients?

Contact the team at Paragon today, and discover how we can partner with you so your staff can focus on selling the software and services they know best while we take on the challenge of managing your client’s fixed assets.

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