Cost Segregation

Appraisal and Engineering Based Approach Maximizes Tax Savings

Paragon’s highly experienced Cost Segregation Engineers specialize in the analyses of complex mechanical and electrical systems with in-depth tax knowledge set the standard for identifying the maximum Section 1245 Personal Property supported by the current tax law. Experience confirms that accounting based approaches only find a fraction of the qualified property by comparison.

A critical key is understanding how portions of an electrical circuit or exhaust system relate to specific business processes verses building functions as documented through years of tax rulings and court cases.

The ultimate ROI of any investment is the net cash flow realized after all expenses and costs have been paid, including Federal and State income taxes. It isn’t what companies make that counts, it’s what they keep after taxes.


Cost Segregation Highlights:

  • Maximize depreciation deductions on new construction or renovations
  • Optimize purchase price allocations on acquisitions of properties
  • Realize immediate tax savings on demolition write offs
  • Determine true insurable replacement cost after exclusions
  • Establish real market value after exemptions for property tax
  • Recover lost benefits from past years without amended returns
  • Learn how simple design and terminology changes create big tax savings

Tax Engineering

Make Tax Engineering™ part of your new construction tax strategy.

Depreciation Recovery

Recover overpaid taxes and increase cash flow.

Retirement Studies

Identify remaining life of fixed assets before throwing in dumpster.


Reduce income tax, property tax and property insurance.

Success Story

A major corporate headquarters complex was completed several years ago, and an accounting based cost segregation study identified 12% of the $200M cost as personal property. Upon review years later by a newly appointed tax executive, an engineering based study by an expert firm found 28% personal property resulting in a major refund from the IRS.

Ready to improve your fixed asset management and increase tax savings?