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Fixed Asset Tax Savings

Maximize Tax Savings, Reduce Insurance Costs and Increase Cash Flow

Increase fixed asset tax savings and cash flow with Paragon’s independent, detailed and accurate cost segregation analyses, property and equipment valuations, and IRS Section 179D energy tax studies. Get support for decisions related to risk management, investment, financing and corporate planning.

Paragon’s valuation consultants have extensive fixed asset experience. Because of that we are able to offer a unique combination of irreplaceable human resources and advanced technology. You get  tax engineering specialists experienced in valuing business enterprises, buildings, equipment and real estate.


Fixed Asset Tax Savings – Services

Cost Segregation

Use this often-overlooked tax strategy to segregate personal property from real property and maximize your tax depreciation deductions.

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Transfer Tax Reduction

A pre-closing strategy that provides separate personal and real property fair market values, and reduces real estate transfer taxes due at closing.

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Purchase Price Allocation

Allocate the purchase price for property and business acquisitions to maximize your tax savings.

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Valuations & Appraisals

Get independent and accurate valuations and appraisals to support financial, operations and risk management decisions.

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179D Energy Tax Credit

Reduce your commercial building’s energy costs and get a tax deduction under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (“EPACT”) and recent tax laws.

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Sage Fixed Assets ROI Calculator

Not only can Sage Fixed Assets make your fixed asset management process more efficient, but it may help you save money, as well. We invite you to see first-hand how Sage Fixed Assets solutions pay for themselves.

Cost Segregation Tax Savings Calculator

The ultimate return on any investment is the net cash flow realized after all expenses have been paid, including Federal and State income taxes. We invite you to see first-hand how much you could save with a Cost Segregation study.