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Sage Fixed Assets – Planning

Managing Your Fixed Assets Planning & Budgeting is a Breeze

Sage Fixed Assets – Planning lets you take control over your fixed assets even before they become fixed assets. Whether you’re assembling multi-component equipment, upgrading machinery, renovating buildings, or just accumulating separate invoices prior to placing a fixed asset into service, Sage Fixed Assets – Planning is the perfect addition to Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation.

With multiple levels of detail tracking and numerous built-in reports, you can easily manage and report on unlimited projects – including current project status, actual vs. budget variance, and project details. Plus, with this fully integrated solution your fixed assets are instantly created in Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation upon project completion.

  • Easily manage unlimited projects of any type or size – up to thousands of individual components.
  • Manage both capitalized and expensed assets for convenient project tracking.
  • The convenient “Project Snapshot” feature displays key project information at a glance, including budget tracking and project alerts.
  • Easily accumulate and summarize numerous purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and tasks – including physical components, shipping costs, labor/assembly charges, and unlimited miscellaneous items.

Gain total command over your fixed assets before they become fixed assets.

  • Track all of your project details including status, contacts, notes, and all the financials—plus monitor both physical and financial completion status of projects.
  • Copy, move and split line items to ease expense handling.
  • Customizable to your business with over 45 user-defined fields covering all levels of detail.
  • Built-in security settings allow customized user profiles to specific product features and projects.
  • Consolidated reports offer a broad look at your business across all projects.

Seamless integration creates powerful results.

  • Seamless integration with the entire line of Sage Fixed Assets Solutions.
  • After project completion, instantly create new fixed assets in Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation, including multiple assets from a single line item.
  • Point-in-time reporting helps to easily tie out project balances to your general ledger.
  • Easily import monthly invoicing transactions from your accounts payable system to keep your project up-to-date
    using the convenient “import wizard”.
  • Create unlimited custom reports on every aspect of your project – including project status, asset financials, and invoice details – with Sage Fixed Assets – Reporting.

Want to learn more about Sage Fixed Assets – Planning? Watch the brief video below:

Sage Fixed Assets – Planning

Take control of your fixed assets before they even become fixed assets. Learn more in the Sage Fixed Assets — Planning fact sheet.

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