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Real Estate Market Value Appraisals

Real Estate Market Value Appraisal: An Independent, Supportable Opinion

As a property owner, it’s important to get an independent, supportable real estate market value appraisal for:

  • Sale or purchase of real estate (what is it worth in the market?)
  • Allocation of purchase price after acquisition (what is it worth in the market?)
  • Financing the purchase of real estate (what is it worth in liquidation?)
  • Financing of new construction or renovation (what will it be worth after completion?)
  • Property tax appeal (what is the market value and assessed value?)
  • Section 1031 Tax Free Exchange (what is value of replacement property?)
  • Valuation of business enterprise (what is it worth to the business?)
  • Condemnation in taking under eminent domain by government agency (what is it worth in the market?)
  • Right-of-way and easement negotiations (what is it worth in the market?)
  • Estate administration and estate tax filing (what is it worth as of the date of death?)
  • Highest and best use for future development (what developed use will create highest value?)

It’s essential to select the right people for your real estate market value appraisal. You want to use someone who has experience in valuing your specific type of property, who considers all the appropriate factors that may impact value, who is completely unbiased and independent, who will recommend the level of detail necessary to your requirements, and who can support the opinion of value under challenge.

Paragon’s real estate appraisers are fully qualified, certified, licensed, most designated as Members of The Appraisal Institute (MAI) or Chartered Surveyors. They complement our staff of tax consultants, business valuation experts, and machinery and equipment appraisers.

We have extensive experience in the valuation of all types of properties such as office buildings, manufacturing plants in all industries, shopping malls, pipelines and rights-of-way, hotels, golf courses, resort developments, condominiums and apartments, retail and commercial, corporate headquarters, mixed use developments, and many others.

Some real estate appraisals use outdated market information and are not adjusted properly for differences between the subject property and sales data properties.

Contact us for an accurate, independent real estate market value appraisal.

Success Story

After constructing a high quality office building 15 years ago, an owner decided to cash out and concluded a value of $25 Million. An expert appraisal revealed that the real market value was $32 Million, and the property was ultimately sold for $31 Million.

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