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Fixed Asset Depreciation Recovery

Recover Overpaid Taxes and Increase Cash Flow with a Look-Back Study

Did you know that previously overpaid taxes in prior years can be recovered through quick refund checks or reduced quarterly tax payments?

The IRS has issued and modified a Revenue Procedure (2007-16) that addresses the issue of taxpayers who have claimed less depreciation than what they were entitled to, i.e., less than the allowable amount. There is now an automatic consent procedure that allows such taxpayers to change their method of accounting and claim the allowable depreciation (or amortization) amount. This change of accounting method simply means the change from not claiming the allowable amount of depreciation to claiming it.

To assist taxpayers in recovering lost tax benefits, Paragon offers a no-risk, guaranteed tax savings service called GOLDSTRIKE™. This service entails a complete review of cost capitalizations on prior construction, leasehold improvements, renovations, and acquisitions to determine potential reclassification and recovery of unclaimed depreciation to which the taxpayer was entitled.

Take Advantage of Our No-Risk, Guaranteed Tax Savings Service Today

  • Let us review your cost capitalizations on prior new construction, renovations, acquisitions, etc. to determine reclassification of unclaimed depreciation
  • Discover a potential reduction in property taxes and property insurance premiums
  • Amended returns are not required to claim unclaimed depreciation
  • If we find no savings, there’s no cost to you. No risk!

Success Story

Who could have predicted that an accounting-based cost segregation study done 6 years ago on a $200 Million headquarters complex overlooked over half of the personal property? That approach identified just 11.2%, while the look back study found a solid 27.6% of 5 year DDB personal property– all recovered in the current tax year!

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