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Webinar: Don’t Fear The Taxman

Maximize Tax Deductions with Recent Tax Laws and Fixed Asset Management Solutions

Recent tax laws offer tremendous opportunities for new sources of cash flow – if you think creatively about fixed assets. Smart thinking about fixed assets equals immediate cash flow, enabling reinvestment in the business. Because it isn’t what you make that counts, it’s what you keep!

Learn how to:


Leverage tax provisions in recent laws to reduce tax liability

  • CARES Act & Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) Fix
  • TCJA, Bonus Depreciation & Tax Extenders
  • EPAct 179D Energy Tax Deduction & Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

Recover previously overpaid taxes and get immediate cash flow

  • Identify applicable fixed asset properties
  • Apply the tax codes and submit simple IRS form

Simplify and automate the accounting reclassification and tax filing processes

  • Easily apply current fixed asset tax laws with fixed asset solutions
  • Save time, improve accuracy and increase tax and insurance savings

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