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Paragon International CEO to Share Cutting-Edge Ideas for Maximizing Commercial Real Estate ROI


This week Paragon International President & CEO, Rick Swarts, will be an expert moderator for a real estate financing session at the Crittenden Real Estate Finance & Investment Conference.

For 50 years, the Crittenden Real Estate Financing Conference has been the nation’s #1 event to connect developers, owners, and investors with lenders and equity capital sources. Mr. Swarts’s session will provide new ideas on how to maximize ROI by leveraging lender expectations and yields in the current interest rate environment. Session panelists include real estate leaders who will discuss their unique insight on the outlook of the industry.

Session Details:

  • Session 802 – “Industrial Outlook: Finance, Development, Acquisitions”
  • Thursday, September 15, 2:45 – 3:45 PM

 “We’re seeing that a wide range of strategies and proactive planning activities can substantially impact the results of industrial developments, acquisitions, renovations, and investments across the post-pandemic CRE market,” explained Mr. Swarts. “By taking (or overlooking) certain actions and leveraging the latest tax codes, real estate developers and owners can either enhance their ultimate ROI or diminish it. This session prepares them with the information they need in the current market.”

The “Industrial Outlook: Finance, Development, Acquisitions” session will also include key industry findings on which market segments lenders are most interested in right now, the latest costing trends and building timeline expectations, which engineering design considerations and Qualified Property Improvements will significantly reduce fixed asset tax burdens, top cost segregation tactics, and the simple tax form that helps recover previous years’ deductions immediately.

Attending the Crittenden Real Estate Finance & Investment Conference? Schedule your one-on-one with Paragon International to discuss how you can leverage the latest IRS-sanctioned methods to reduce your CRE property’s tax burden through recent tax codes. 

Paragon International Enhancing Fixed Asset Management

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