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It’s Time to Track Fixed Assets Without All the Hassle


Fixed asset management can take a lot of time. Even when you follow all the rules and depreciate your assets annually on a rigid schedule, you still need a good way to track fixed assets so you can avoid inadvertently filling your balance sheet with ghost and zombie assets.

Many of you may already be shuddering at the thought of tracking fixed assets. You have done this before… and you hate it. Fortunately, the days of time-consuming, error-prone asset inventories are over because fixed asset tracking is now easier and faster than ever before with Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking.

What Is Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking?

Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking is an automated asset inventory solution that leverages state-of-the-art barcode technology to make tracking your fixed assets quick, easy, and — most importantly — error free.

Say goodbye to paper inventory tracking logs, manual data entry, and hours of time spent finding and reconciling your fixed assets. Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking not only makes it a breeze to track fixed assets, the software’s seamless integration with Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation also simplifies the processes of inventory updates for existing assets and initial imports for new assets.

Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking streamlines your fixed asset tracking and inventory updates because it empowers you to:

  • Create and track physical inventories at multiple sites, or remote sites, and compile them into one database
  • Identify lost, missing, or stolen assets and reconcile existing asset data seamlessly
  • Import and export detailed fixed asset data with ease, for use with third-party systems

Why Choose Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking?

You already know that Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation is one of the most popular fixed asset management software solutions in the world. Sage’s software is so ubiquitous that your company probably already uses Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation, or will soon. Since Sage also provides a world-class fixed asset tracking solution that is fully integrated with your Sage depreciation solution, it simply makes sense to save yourself the time and effort that other tracking methods require.

Without Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking, organizations can run fixed asset inventories by using error-prone spreadsheets or complex export / import procedures for third-party tools. Of course, anyone who has used these methods can tell you that they take so much time and effort that they usually result in forcing fixed asset tracking to the bottom of your priority list, year after year.

We all know that when you do not have clear, up-to-date insight into your fixed asset inventories, your company is likely to end up with ghost assets (missing assets or assets past their useful life that you are still depreciating) that clutter up your balance sheet. An incorrect balance sheet can impair your funding opportunities and negatively impact your overall agility.

Errors in fixed asset tracking do not simply result in an opportunity cost – they can also directly impact your bottom line. One of the biggest benefits of using an integrated software to track fixed assets is that you can quickly discover if you are overpaying taxes and insurance premiums on lost or stolen inventory.

Top Reasons to Choose Sage to Track Your Fixed Assets

In addition to enhanced insight through seamless integration that reduces and can eliminate manual data entry into your Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation solution, Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking provides:

  • 51 fully customizable fields to help you stay organized with controlled data entry, detailed notes, and clear asset images
  • A simple-to-use, wizard-driven inventory process that you can set up and start using in minutes
  • Detailed check-in and check-out tracking for mobile assets, including data on who has the asset, when it is due for return, and when it is overdue
  • Alerts and notifications that let you know when assets are overdue for return
  • Comprehensive reporting, so the data you need is always at your fingertips
  • Easy-to-use scanners and barcode labels can simplify and automate your fixed asset inventory process.
  • A familiar look and feel that mirrors Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation and makes Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking easy to learn

The Better Way to Track Fixed Assets

Achieve tighter control over your fixed assets when you turn to Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking. Since scheduled depreciation assets can stay on the books for as long as 5, 7, 15, or 39 years, it makes sense to use a mature, tried-and-true fixed asset tracking solution that is recognized throughout the industry – instead of the untested and unwieldy methods that cannot go the distance.

With Sage, you know you will have a secure, proven, seamlessly integrated solution to track your fixed assets. Sage Fixed Assets – Tracking is easy to learn, easy to use, and makes it easy to accurately see your current asset situation.

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Serving clients since 1985, Paragon International, Inc. provides independent, impartial and accurate cost segregation analyses, and property valuations and appraisals to assist in and support decisions related to taxes, risk management, investment, financing and corporate planning. Our consultants have extensive fixed asset experience – they’re fixed asset experts. Because of that we are able to offer a unique combination of irreplaceable human resources and advanced technology. We have specialists experienced in valuing closely held securities, patents and other intangible assets, business enterprises, buildings, equipment and real estate. In addition, Paragon provides complete asset inventory and management solutions. We are a certified Sage Fixed Assets Business Partner, assisting with software implementation and training, barcode labels and scanners, data conversion and ERP integration. Contact Paragon International to discover how we can help you.

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