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Are you considering a new building development or renovation project, but your projected cash flow is making it difficult to get funding approval? Do you have the necessary funding, but would like to increase your cash flow and accelerate your ROI? Have you heard about cost segregation and benefits from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TC&JA), and want to learn more? Then read on.

Paragon’s Rick Swarts, our Cost Segregation expert, will be providing answers to all these questions and more as moderator and speaker at the Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference on Thursday, September 19th, in Miami, Florida. Rick will be joined by co-speaker Frank Slaughter, Regional Managing Director of CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital.

At Rick’s session, Strategic Prefunding Actions that Improve Financing Success, you’ll learn cost segregation and other strategies, such as:

  • Key factors for borrowers that complement pre-funding pro-forma financials for lenders
  • Most overlooked cash flow generator of renovation and redevelopment projects and impact of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TC&JA)
  • Preparation by developers and contractors to streamline the application and approval process for lenders
  • Finding and funding efficiencies with commercial PACE in the capital stack
  • Proactive actions for new construction and acquisitions to increase cash flow in excess of principal and interest payment

Paragon Cost Segregation Expertise

Rick uses his extensive engineering and valuation expertise from over 43 years in this profession. He has pioneered many of the innovative Cash Flow Forensics investigative procedures, Tax Engineering™ and Cost Segregation practices employed by Paragon. We have analyzed over $300 Billion of capital projects and have found billions of dollars in cash flow for our clients around the globe.

President of Paragon Valuation Group, Rick is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences for tax executives, CFO’s, real estate developers and investors, private business owners, financing groups, hospitality executives, and many others. His friendly presentation style makes programs entertaining and focused, believing that everyone will remember it longer and benefit from it more.

Can’t make it to the Crittenden Conference, but want to learn how a Cost Segregation Analysis can improve your cash flow and financing success? Contact us for a personal consultation and projected savings.

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