Tenant Improvement

FACT: This proactive approach typically increases the final personal property tax by 8-15%!

Maximizing After-Tax Cash Flow

The ultimate ROI of any investment is the net cash flow realized after all expenses and costs have been paid. Federal and State income taxes can be managed just like any other expense through the use of highly experienced experts that understand and analyze various electrical, mechanical, and other property components.

With expert Tax Engineering guidance and Cost Segregation analysis, the Section 1245 Personal Property percentage of typical construction cost for tenant improvement build out can range from 50-80%! These costs are eligible for 5 year DDB depreciation deductions, of which 52% is deducted in the first two years and 71% in the first three years!

This results in dramatic occupancy cost reduction and ROI through substantially increased cash flow in the early lease years.

Renovation Tips

Most property owners/tenants overlook the significant tax savings available for renovation projects involving selected tenant spaces. When you peer into that dumpster of old and demolished drywall, ductwork, conduit, wall studs, lighting fixtures, flooring, etc., you should see GOLD, not just trash. Why? Because the remaining tax basis of those items can be written off. An expert can determine the value and tax basis of those components.

Strike Gold Now

If you are constructing or renovating property now, or did major projects in the last 20 years, contact us for a NO CHARGE analysis and tax savings projection estimate. Our services are offered on a fixed or contingent fee no risk basis. Call or email us today!